Cadillac Six

Cadillac Six

$ 175.00

Photograph by Don Gruber.

This is an inkjet print, unmounted, and the long dimension of the image is about 15 inches. It is one of a series of photographs made by local artist (and owner of this gallery), Don Gruber. This particular image is of a Cadillac on a vacant lot in Seaside, Fremont St.

The series is of course centered around old Cadillacs, found somewhere around the Monterey Peninsula in 1977. Most of the Caddies were of 1960s or late 50s vintage, and notable for prominent fins.

This was prior to digital photography, and this series was shot on Tri-X film, a mainstay of street photography at the time. The print will be grainy, but clean, and have the purity of print quality that Mr. Gruber relishes.

There is also a compilation print, in which many of the Cadillac images are shown in one single print, found elsewhere in this collection.

Inkjet print, signed, unnumbered, available in no larger size, due to quality of the original negative and scan. The print is offered loose, as in unmounted, and you can frame it. As an alternative, we can provide a finished print, face mounted to plex and ready to hang, or we can have it conventionally framed, as you wish. Please contact us for estimates on that. For framing there is approx. a one-month lead time. For loose, unmounted prints, we ship in three days or less.

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