Carabiner Jewelry

Carabiners are the mountaineer's dependable safety tool. Along with rope, a carabiner symbolizes strength, dependability and love of the mountains and the outdoors. This carabiner is created in the form of a Locking-D Carabiner, a fundamental tool on the climber's rack.

This jewelry is made of cast silver, and comes in several forms, all of which are designed to be precise replicas of the original. Of course, they don't work as carabiners, but they do work as symbols of your love of the mountains, of the outdoors, and perhaps of the climb, if you are a climber.

When you are away from what you love, the mountains, you can be reminded of those places, those feelings, that love, by these carabiners. And, it will serve to tell others, in a quiet way, that you are a mountain person, an athlete, one who loves nature. This statement is made while you are in the mountains, or while you are in the heart of urban life. They work well in everyday life, in business places, as well as at dressy, formal affairs. They are about who you are.

The carabiners here are earrings, a small pendant, a larger pendant and a pin. All are cast sterling silver, from an original design made here at Big Green Zucchini. All are precisely detailed and elegant, and you will be proud to wear them. For yourself, or bound to be a much appreciated gift to your hiking and climbing, outdoors friends.