Tile Rooftop, Trinidad, Cuba

Tile Rooftop, Trinidad, Cuba

$ 400.00

Here's another image of rooftop life in Cuba--there is a lot of it! This is in the south of Cuba, about 180 miles east of Havana. We got there by taxi, which is a fairly economical way to travel in Cuba, especially for a small group. Better than car rentals, because, although the roads are not crowded, they are also not very well marked, and if there is an accident, everybody is guilty until proven innocent. Better to let someone else drive.

Back to the picture. Don Gruber's works, although they usually start as digital photographs, don't remain that way, and are often very interpretive. In this case, the emphasis is on the graphics, the lines, the colors, the textures. The sign painted on the water tank, "Viva Fidel," only adds to the interest.

This print works well at about 35" in width, or smaller. The price is for the 35" inch print, which will certainly impact your room. Print is unmounted. Call for pricing on smaller prints and pricing for ready-to-hang, framed pieces.

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