Meat Market, Havana

Meat Market, Havana

$ 500.00

 A lot of the work by Don Gruber started as a photograph, but was later  pushed, pulled, sharpened and twisted to make the impressionistic image he shows you.

Not so much this one.

This particular image appears to be a very, very sharp, very detailed view of a single moment in Cuban life, with many characters scurrying about on their various missions. It is very photographic, with none of the manipulation Gruber usually imbeds in his images obvious.

This image is in fact made with techniques that cause it to be called (by Gruber) a "constructed snapshop," in which many images are brought together through powerful computing and dozens of hours of hand manipulation to form the final file, yet the ultimate product feels like it is an offhand snapshot, a brief slice of time captured by a click of the shutter.

The result is a print that is incredibly detailed, and full of intersecting energies, all to create a fascinating look at a spot in Havana. The huge file can be printed with great detail at more than 10 feet in width, but the biggest we can print it is 65 inches. More practical is a print of about 43 inches, so that is what the price below reflects. If you would like bigger or smaller,  please contact us.

Inkjet print, signed, unnumbered, available in several sizes, the largest 65" inches on the long dimension. The print is offered loose, as in unmounted, and you can frame it. As an alternative, we can provide a finished print, face mounted to plex and ready to hang, or we can have it conventionally framed, as you wish. Please contact us for estimates on that. For framing there is approx. a one-month lead time. For loose, unmounted prints, we ship in three days or less.

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