Knob 1 2 1
Knob 1 2 1

Knob 1 2 1

$ 30.00

One of many fine, never-the-same-design-twice Drawer Pulls you will find here on our site--and in our Monterey gallery. All individually designed and made. This one is similar to some others, but each is unique. This one is in a pattern we here at Big Green Zucchini  call "Rainbow Toothpaste," and we have quite a few similar ones--see the other knobs. This one is on a silvery base; some of the others are on different bases.

This is a very simple and perky way to upgrade your kitchen cabinets, or other drawer furniture. Impress your friends with your utilitarian art!!

Functional Art for Cabinets & Drawers

Our artists make all of our knobs and pulls by hand. The design on each piece is made with meticulous attention to detail from professional grade polymer clay, the same material PVC pipe is made from. After each piece is designed, assembled, and then cured, a series of high grit micromesh are used to bring out the illusion of depth while making each piece smooth to the touch. High speed buffing leaves the surface with a beautiful satin sheen.

Every knob and pull is a sturdy handle for everyday use. At the core of each piece is quality metal hardware incorporated as part of the knob's structure, not merely a thin veneer of design affixed to the top of someone else's knob. They will never fade, chip or break with normal use. Treat them as you would any manufactured knob or pull. They are waterproof, so simply wipe them off with a damp cloth when necessary, and they will remain vibrant indefinitely.


Shipping to the U.S. is free. International, buyer pays shipping; please contact us.