"Matinique", Oil Painting by John Roby
"Matinique", Oil Painting by John Roby

"Matinique", Oil Painting by John Roby

$ 600.00

John Roby painted around the Monterey Peninsula in the last half of the 20th Century. He exhibited in a few places, was a member of an artist's group. Beyond that, can't find anything so far. Like the painting, though. It has a snapshot feel, moment captured, feeling captured, and with pleasant colors.

This is a beach scene in Martinique, quite far from the Monterey Peninsula. Maybe Mr. Roby visited there and made this painting from that. Or perhaps it's from a photograph. The scene is of local fishermen working the shoreline.

As a side note, FYI, Martinique, an island, is a territory of France in the Lesser Antilles, about 300 miles north of South America. The currency there is the Euro. The north of the island is wetter, mountainous and heavily forested; the south is dryer, easier to traverse, and where most of the tourism is found. The island has a population of fer-de-lance snakes, and is home to Mt. Pelee, an active volcano with a history of destructive eruptions.

Evidence on the back dates this painting to 1976. Mr. Roby is now deceased.

In a frame. The frame is in good condition, but it is used and shows wear. The painting itself is in fine shape.


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