Antique painting, possibly English--or possibly not!
Antique painting, possibly English--or possibly not!
Period framing
Scene detail
Back of frame
Rear frame detail
Scene detail

Antique Oil Painting

$ 2,000.00

We found this in Big Sur, where it had been hanging quietly for 40 years. Its history before that is vague--been in the family forever.

It is a lovely period painting--but what period? An online source thinks it dates from the late 1700s, from the condition of the canvas, the subject matter and the framing. Details are included here. It may be from England around that time. The source says the scene is of the island of Jersey, but I haven't seen any mountains that look like these in pictures of Jersey.

Its a nice object in any case, and everything about it says "antiquity." There is no signature evident, front or back, and no other indications of where and when.

We think its one of those that could show up on Antiques Roadshow, and be worth a fortune--or it could be worth a hundred bucks. We here, however, don't worry about such values. We just want something pleasant and interesting on the walls--your walls, that is.


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