Gecko Pendant, Long-Tailed, Sterling Silver

Gecko Pendant, Long-Tailed, Sterling Silver

$ 90.00

Stering silver, elegant Gecko! This sleek, long-tailed gecko is a favorite here.

The sprightly Gecko brings you all the qualities of the Gecko, and some of it rubs off on you.

This is the pendant version; there is a pin version available as well.

Conservation, agility, dreaming, renewal, transformation, ancient energy are possibly part of that. In some places, live geckos were kept to warn of the presence of poisonous snakes (do you need that?). Lucky charms carved in their likeness were said to preserve eyesight and worn by pregnant women to insure a safe delivery of a happy healthy child. In the Phillipines, you were considered very blessed if one lived in your bedroom.


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