Large Turtle Pendant, Sterling Silver
Large Turtle Pendant, Sterling Silver

Large Turtle Pendant, Sterling Silver

$ 70.00

Depiction of a turtle, as a Pendant in Sterling Silver. Simple and beautiful, it brings you the characteristics that the Turtle embodies (this quoted from HubPages):

The Turtle is an ancient symbol that represents creation, endurance, strength, stability, longevity, and innocence. The Turtle also provides protection, good fortune , and brings happiness and good omens.

One of the four Chinese sacred animals , the ever-adapting turtle is a creature of both land and sea and can thrive in any environment.

In Asian myth the turtle represents order and was thought to have created the entire universe from it's body parts. The heavens were formed from the shell, the earth was created from it's body and it's undershell was the underworld.

In American Indian culture, the turtle represents the caring wisdom of the ancient ones and is respected for it's protective strength.

The Turtle is considered to be the oldest, most sacred symbol of the Anishinabe and Haudenosaunee people. They believed that North America was created on the back of a turtle.

"Legend says that Father Sky's wife fell through a hole in the sky, and to keep her from drowning, little Muskrat managed to bring up a handful of soil from the bottom of the ocean; she placed it on Turtle's wide back and the land immediately began to grow, forming North America."

To this day most Indigenous peoples refer to North America as Turtle Island.


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