Three Burmese Nats

Three Burmese Nats

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In Burma, now Myanmar, the prominent religion is Buddhism. In the particular version of Buddhism that exists there, there is homage given to "Spirits", called "Nats."  There are thirty-seven principal Nats, and a lot more minor ones.

Here we have depictions of three of those Nats. These were carved in Burma sometime between 1775 and 1830, so we are given to understand. They were imported from Thailand in about 1963, and have lived around here since then.

They have some wear. There were gilded apparently, and that is mostly gone. They were inlaid with glass or stones; some of those may be missing. Apparently they resided in some temple, and perhaps were displayed as part of the decor there. Two of them have holes drilled in the top of their heads. I'm supposing there was a post there that went upwards to a beam above.

Two have moderns bases attached, for stability. Those could be removed. There is evidence of mortar or concrete at the bases.

One of the Nats is a scribe. One is pious. One is wringing out his hair, purportedly to create the rivers of the world.

These Nats have some character, some personality. And, they were carved (from teak) by a very deft hand. Lots of aging, as one would expect over two hundred years, but nevertheless they would bring a major uplift to your life.

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