These are impressionistic images of life between you, the looker, and Mount Toro, the calm and noticeable peak about which life in northern Monterey County turns. Some of these images are fairly specific about what is seen, and some are just about how it feels to be in a particular place at a particular time.

In all of these images, though, on the horizon you will find Mt. Toro, "The Bull," and something about what goes on in his shadow.

In stock are some completed, framed and ready-to-hang pictures, including some large ones (55x38, for Toro 7, for example). Loose, unmounted prints are available from small to large, and most of the images in this collection do well at larger sizes. In unmounted prints you can, of course, choose what kind of framing or other presentation you would like, whereas with prints that are finished here, they are usually done as either laminations on aluminum or face mounts to plexiglass.


Images by Don Gruber, Inkjet prints on metallic paper, sizes to 60", $200-$2000, depending on this or that. Please call for details.