Toro Passing By #1, Fields

Toro Passing By #1, Fields

$ 350.00

Like a lot of the work by Don Gruber, this one started as a photograph, but has since been pushed, pulled, sharpened and twisted to make the impressionistic image you see. End result: a beautiful, tranquil scene, the main point of which is to make you feel better when you walk by it.

This is one of a series of images called "Toro Passing By,"  made over the last ten years or so, of views of the iconic Mt. Toro, which looms over northern Monterey County. There is a lot of life in its shadows, and these images interpret that life.

 The scene here is in the Salinas Valley; a lot of the fields have a beauty strip of flowers planted on the perimeter, especially on the perimeter bordering a road.

Inkjet print, signed, unnumbered, available in several sizes, the largest about thirty inches on the long dimension. The print is offered loose, as in unmounted, and you can frame it yourself. As an alternative, we can provide a finished print, face mounted to plex and ready to hang, or we can have it conventionally framed, as you wish. Please contact us for estimates on that. For framing there is approx. a one-month lead time. For loose, unmounted prints, we ship in three days or less.

Some of the images in this series have been successfully printed at larger sizes, up to 50 inches in length. Call for pricing, if you need a larger print.

Pricing here is for a 30 inch, unmounted print.



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