About Big Green Zucchini

Big Green Zucchini is an eclectic, brick and mortar gallery in downtown Monterey, California, on the acclaimed and extraordinary Monterey Bay, in the also extraordinary county of Monterey. The town has a diverse population, derived from, and driven by, the large military presence, the various educational institutions, the history of wealth and agriculture, and the draw of the dramatic landscape. As a result of all those forces, people living here are from the corners of the world, speaking many of its languages. A sample of the population here would probably look as diverse one drawn in London or New York.


Our gallery aims to bring together vintage fine art, very modern and new art, and jewelry--which is body art, correct? Our motto: "Art for the Body and the Wall." We also sell real estate.


The Real Estate we sell is local--Northern Monterey County, CA. Select the REAL ESTATE button at the top of the page to see our listings, and (soon) to search for Central Coast real estate listings.


Our Jewelry is well crafted, affordable and often symbolic, as well as beautiful. The frequent themes are related to the powers of the earth, and its denizens. Look for the particular powers of a particular animal, and perhaps wearing the symbol of that animal will bring you some of its positive energy.


The Fine Art you will find in our gallery and on our site is varied. Some is very old, as in 17th Century; some of it was made last week. All of it has been selected or created with the idea that it will improve your day--or your life. Art is purely optional; you could live without it. So we think art should attempt to do something valuable to you, to strive to enrich your life, by putting color, ideas, and positive energy on your walls, on your body, and in your path--affecting a positive turn for you.


We are online at: biggreenzucchini.com

We are located at: 60 Bonifacio Plaza, Monterey, CA, 93940

Our mailing address is: PO Box 190, Monterey, CA, 93942

Our phone is: 831-238-2787